Company History

The firm of Austin, Tsutsumi & Associates, Inc. was founded in 1934 by Mr. H.A.R. Austin and operated as H.A.R. Austin, Consulting Engineer.  In 1942, a joint venture relationship was established with Mr. Roswell M. Towill, and the company officially became Austin and Towill, which was incorporated under the laws of the Territory of Hawaii in 1957. 
Following the withdrawal of Mr. Towill in 1959, Mr. Donald S. Austin and Mr. Russell L. Smith, Jr. reorganized the company.  Mr. Smith left the company in 1975, and Mr. Caesar S. Tsutsumi assumed responsibility as Vice President and Chief Engineer.  Since that time, the firm has been serving our clients as Austin, Tsutsumi & Associates, Inc. - Consulting Civil Engineers and Surveyors
Both Mr. Austin and Mr. Tsutsumi retired in December of 1987.  Mr. Ted S. Kawahigashi, was then elected as President of the firm.  Mr. Kawahigashi retired in August of 2001 and Mr. Kenneth K. Kurokawa was then elected as President of the firm. Mr. Kurokawa retired in December of 2012 and Mr. Terrance S. Arashiro was then elected President of the firm where he continues to serve today.



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